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        Goldman Sachs Headquarters

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        Goldman Sachs Headquarters
        Battery Park City Site 26


        Structure in General

        existing [completed]
        trussed frame
        curtain wall


        commercial office trading center
        library mercantile


        • One of the most important Downtown revitalization projects at the time of planning, the tower is expected to cost over $2 billion dollars to build.
        • The building is planned to have about 1.5 million square feet of floor space and around 9,000 employees.
        • A controversial plan to rebuild West Street as a tunnel with an entrance being on or near the tower's site was cancelled after objections from Golden Sachs.
        • During the summer 2005, the developers threatened to pull out due to the uncertainty of the future of the area. After receiving considerable money in bonds and tax breaks from the city, in August 2005 the developers announced that they would follow through with the plan.
        • Of the $2.4 billion used to build the tower, $1.65 billion come from tax-exempt Liberty Bonds; the city and state made such a significant investment in hopes that Goldman Sachs will attract other major firms to downtown.
        • Ground was officially broken on November 29, 2005, during a ceremony where prominent officials including New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York Governor George Pataki moved the first dirt for the excavation.
        • Goldman Sachs has promised $4.5 million to Lower Manhattan residents to help pay for a library and community recreation center.
        • The building has received a LEED Gold certification.

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        200 West Street
        200 Murray Street, Vesey Street
        200 West Street
        Battery Park City
        New York City
        New York


        Certified as LEED – Gold (2010)

        Technical Data

        749.01 ft
        Jan 2010

        Involved Companies

        Pei Cobb Freed & Partners
        Adamson Associates

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