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        About Sydney

        4,627,345 in city
        0 in metro
        12,144 km2 (4,689 mi2)
        1 m
        Australia’s showcase city, Sydney has one of the world’s most recognizable skylines. Its famous harbour is commonly referred to as the most beautiful natural harbour in the world. A large harbour with many bays, inlets and secondary harbours, it is spanned by the monumental Harbour Bridge, and the Opera House decorates the shoreline like a white flower. The Sydney skyline is "world-class" with hundreds of skyscrapers in the central business district and many more high rise buildings in the outlying neighbourhoods. In fact The CBD has 10 times the working population over that of Sydney proper. The hub of Sydney Harbour is Circular Quay, a ferry terminus situated at the bottom end of the CBD. On a warm sunny day, the harbour is a vibrant blue and dotted with hundreds of sailing boats, cruise ships and ferries. The harbour is Sydney and citizens will argue there are few better places on earth.