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        Emporis in the Press 2005

        Dec 19, 2005

        Minneapolis Star Tribune

        Then, Rick Bronson, a drafter at the Minneapolis firm of Ellerbe Becket and a senior editor at Emporis, a skyscraper database, caught on to the change.

        Dec 14, 2005

        Nashville City Paper

        Midtown's 18-story Palmer Plaza. The latter rises about 269 feet, according to real estate data base Emporis.

        Dec 12, 2005


        The Chicago project may return some of the swagger the city had when the Sears Tower was the world's tallest building. The boxy, black tower opened in 1974 and reigned until 1998, when it was dethroned by the 452m Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, according to Emporis, a German-based compiler of skyscraper data.

        Nov 30, 2005

        WCCO TV

        Emporis is featured on America's WCCO TV during the "Who's On Top? Twin Cities' Tallest Buildings" broadcast.

        Nov 18, 2005


        The boxy, black tower opened in 1974 and reigned until 1998, when it was dethroned by the 1,483-foot Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, according to Emporis GmbH, a Darmstadt, Germany-based compiler of skyscraper data.

        Nov 10, 2005

        Market Wire

        Winsted Holdings, Inc. (OTC BB: WHLI), a Business Development Company (BDC), and Nu Image MedSpa Inc. of Las Vegas, Nevada, jointly announced that Nu Image has taken a 4500 square feet office space on the 11th floor of the Plaza Tower (http://www.fingerlakeslpgstorage.com/en/wm/bu/?id=128879) in Costa Mesa, California.

        Nov 07, 2005

        Die Welt

        Since 1990 6,704 high-rise buildings with eleven or more floors were constructed in Shanghai according to city data of 2004. In New York exist 5,467 tall buildings with 12 or more floors according to the German real estate research firm Emporis.

        Nov 02, 2005


        Shanghai, the nation's commercial capital [of China], built 6,704 towers of 11 or more stories since 1990, city government figures for 2004 show -- 4,312 of them in the past five years. New York has 5,467 buildings of 12 stories or more, according to Emporis, a Germany-based provider of real estate information.

        Oct 25, 2005

        Ohmy News

        As the German Real State Consulting firm Emporis says, Shanghai already has 4,000 skyscrapers, almost double than in New York.

        Oct 18, 2005

        International Herald Tribune

        The city says it now has more than 4,000 skyscrapers [in Shanghai] - buildings 18 stories or higher - and that is far more than New York, according to Emporis, a global real estate research group based in Germany.

        Oct 18, 2005

        New York Times

        Foreigners are also scrambling to enter the Chinese real estate market. Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch have invested in property. And Morgan Stanley has acquired about $700 million worth of commercial real estate this year in Shanghai. The city says it now has more than 4,000 skyscrapers - buildings 18 stories or higher - far more than New York, according to Emporis, a global real estate research group based in Germany.

        Oct 16, 2005


        Uluslararas? g?kdelen bilgi bankas? Emporis'e g?re dünyada 12 kat? ve 35 metreyi a?an binalar g?kdelen olarak kabul ediliyor. Yine Emporis'in verilerine g?re ?stanbul'da in?aat? tamamlanm?? 2 bin 108 g?kdelen bulunuyor. Kentte yüksek bina yap?m? 1980'li y?llar?n ikinci yar?s?nda ofis ama?l? kullan?lan plazalar ile ba?lam??t?.

        Oct 04, 2005

        Fort Wayne News Sentinel

        According to Emporis, a construction research database service, the tallest concrete building in the world now is CITIC Plaza in Guangzhou, China, which is 80 floors.

        Oct 02, 2005


        Kilder: emporis.com, wikipedia.org og Council on Tall buildings and Urban Habitat.

        Sep 12, 2005

        CIOB International News

        At the present time according to the Emporis buildings database there are more than 100 buildings in the high-rise class under construction in Dubai.

        Aug 15, 2005

        Architectural Record Magazine

        There are 96 high-rise buildings under construction in New York City, according to Emporis, an information provider with a focus on high-rise buildings (12 floors and more).

        Jul 28, 2005


        According to Emporis 7422 highrise buildings have been built on the 236 islands of the southchinese city - Worldrecord!

        Jul 20, 2005

        AME Info

        Real Estate TV, a leading TV channel dedicated to covering the region's property, travel and leisure activities, has announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Emporis.com, the comprehensive German-based portal providing real estate data, to exchange content and mutual promotion.

        Jul 12, 2005

        The Sun Herald

        We all know where the biggest skyscrapers are. New York, Chicago, and LA still have a fair share. But if you want to see them going up rapidly, go to a bustling Asian country. Try China, Malaysia, Taiwan, or Singapore. Emporis keeps tracks of such things. It describes itself as an information provider for the building market. From its Web site, you can get a list of the tallest buildings or the most attractive skylines, worldwide or by continent. You can divide any group into business and residential buildings.

        Jul 05, 2005

        Bild Zeitung / T-Online

        With 7,422 high-rise buildings the former British colony is the number one city worldwide (all buildings over 35 meters and with 12 full stories were counted; this figure does not include church towers or masts)

        Jun 19, 2005

        Augusta Chronicle

        For more than 40 years, the contractor Mellon Stuart constructed high-rise hotels, office buildings and hospitals in major U.S. cities including Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Pittsburgh, according to Emporis, an online building industry database.

        Jun 14, 2005

        Honolulu Advertiser

        Still think of Honolulu as a small town? Think again. Emporis reports that Honolulu is fourth in the nation when it comes to the number of high-rise buildings (12 stories or more). The company, which specializes in geography information, says there are 424 high-rise buildings in the urban core from Pearl Harbor to Hawai'i Kai.

        Jun 13, 2005

        The New York Sun

        The architectural firm responsible, according to the invaluable Emporis Web site, is Ismael Leyva Architects, which has worked on several more distinguished structures.

        May 27, 2005

        Unknown webstring:100547

        The 72-story Trump World Tower opened in 2001, according to Emporis, which maintains a skyscraper database.

        May 11, 2005

        Spiegel Online

        This connection between pompous architecture and new wealth becomes apparent in a lot of cosmopolitan cities. It can also be read off the regularly updated ranking lists of the German building information provider Emporis.com. This company who is selling building information to banks and other professional customers, also offers free information regarding skyscrapers on their webpage, which is currently being extended. Here you can also find a regularly updated ranking list of those cities in the world holding the biggest number of high-rise buildings.

        May 07, 2005

        New Age Business

        The proposed twin buildings would be nearly 100 meters (328 feet) taller than the world’s current tallest residential building, Dubai’s 21st Century Tower, which reaches 269 meters (883 feet) and has 55 units, the daily said, citing German firm Emporis, which tracks high-rise construction.

        May 05, 2005

        The Miami Herald

        The 21st Century Tower in Dubai, 883 feet tall, is currently the world's tallest residential building, according to Germany-based Emporis, which tracks high-rise construction. Florida's tallest high-rise is the 789-foot Four Seasons Hotel & Tower on Brickell Avenue in Miami.

        Apr 28, 2005

        The Times of India

        The trend towards high-rises is striking, particularly in residential projects. The website of Emporis, a global provider of building-related data, lists 47 completed high-rises (12 floors or more) in Bangalore.

        Apr 04, 2005

        Unknown webstring:100547

        Among them is the 861-foot (262-meter) Trump World Tower, the fourth-tallest residential building in the world, according to Emporis, an Essen, Germany-based building research service. The tallest is the 883-foot 21st Century Tower in Dubai.

        Apr 03, 2005

        The State.com

        Developers mum in furious race for the title of world’s tallest skyscraper. [...] While developers were keeping the eventual number of floors a secret, Emporis, a global real estate data bank, said the Burj Dubai would be 160 stories tall.

        Feb 28, 2005

        The South Florida Business Journal

        If approved at 866 feet, Met 3 would pass Millennium Partners' 789-foot Four Seasons Hotel and Tower on Brickell Avenue for bragging rights of tallest residential building in the Southeast. At that height, Met 3 would also rank as the world's 61st-tallest building, according to real estate database site Emporis.

        Jan 21, 2005


        The top ten rankings come from the Chicago-based Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. It judges heights by the highest architectural detail--including spires, but not additions such as antennas and masts. It also doesn't include structures such as bridges or communications towers, which is why Toronto's CN Tower didn't make the list, though it is the tallest spire of all. The other rankings came from Emporis, a real estate research firm.