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        Emporis in the Press 2006

        Dec 28, 2006

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        The Financial Times Building, which sports the FT logo in the same pink color the newspaper is printed on, was completed in 1965, according to the Web site Emporis.com. Emery Roth & Sons were the architects.

        Dec 22, 2006


        Over the next 10 years, 434 new buildings more than 50 stories are expected to be built around the world, according to Emporis Buildings, an international database of building information. That compares to the construction of 630 buildings of similarly lofty proportions during the past 100 years; 375 of those went up in the last decade, according to Emporis.

        Dec 16, 2006


        The growth explosion culminated in 1990, when work ended on the skyline's contemporary exclamation point: the 811-foot Bank One Tower (now Chase Tower) -- now the world's 120th-tallest building, according to Emporis, a prominent building industry research firm.

        Nov 09, 2006

        Delaware Online

        McColl eventually pulled ahead in 1992 with the corporate center. The 871-foot skyscraper, a bit more than two-thirds as tall as the Empire State Building, is the tallest building along the eastern seaboard between Philadelphia and Atlanta, according to Emporis.com, a database on tall buildings.

        Nov 09, 2006


        The 871-foot skyscraper, a bit more than two-thirds as tall as the Empire State Building, is the tallest building along the eastern seaboard between Philadelphia and Atlanta, according to Emporis.com, a database on tall buildings.

        Oct 28, 2006

        Toronto Star

        According to Emporis Buildings, which tracks highrises around the world on its website http://www.fingerlakeslpgstorage.com, Toronto is home to 1,655 buildings that are 12 storeys or higher — including both residential and office towers.

        Oct 23, 2006

        ABC News

        Emporis, an architectural information reporting firm, says the building is 105 stories tall.

        Oct 14, 2006

        Seattle PI

        The 76-story trophy is the tallest of Seattle's 188 high-rise buildings, according to Emporis, which tracks those data.

        Sep 20, 2006


        Roughly about 8 % of the high-rises is under construction, according to Emporis: a company that observes the construction of high-rise buildings. About 40 % of the 200 world tallest high-rises have been completed since 2000.

        Sep 13, 2006


        One of the county’s most urban areas, downtown Bethesda is home to 41 high-rise buildings with 12 or more floors, according to Emporis, a real estate research company.

        Aug 21, 2006


        DS is 792 feet tall, and its two telecommunications antennae extend its height to 910 feet, according to www.fingerlakeslpgstorage.com, which maintains a database of tall buildings.

        Aug 19, 2006

        Tulsa World

        The architectural Web site www.fingerlakeslpgstorage.com rates city skylines with a weighted scale, giving points for every building above 12 stories and progressively more.

        Aug 14, 2006

        Bangkok Post

        According to the real estate research company Emporis Buildings, Mr Pingel's Ocean I would top the current world's highest residence, Q1 Tower in Gold Coast City, Australia, by five metres.

        Aug 05, 2006

        La Prensa

        The number of buildings could be higher, according to www.fingerlakeslpgstorage.com, a database for architecture and building-related data, which was created by an international company.

        Jul 21, 2006

        Top 10 Tallest Buildings in the World

        This overview is the most accurate compilation of its kind and uses in-depth research results and reliable building information. It is based on data standards as outlined by the Emporis Standards Committee (Unknown webstring:esc).

        Jun 26, 2006

        WQAD Radio

        Three other downstate buildings rise to or exceed 300 feet: Springfield's Hilton hotel, the only 30-story building downstate and just nine feet shorter than the Statehouse at 352 feet; Peoria's Twin Towers, 29-story housing complexes that each rise 308 feet; and Illinois State University's Watterson Towers, a 28-story dormitory that is one of the world's tallest at 300 feet, according to Emporis Buildings.

        Jun 24, 2006

        Harrisburg Daily

        About 100 high-rises stand outside the Chicago area, a fraction of the 1,048 in Chicago and well short of the 164 that have been built there and later torn down, according to Emporis, a German company that has catalogued nearly every building worldwide that rises to 115 feet or higher.

        Jun 24, 2006


        And while there is a flurry of high-rise construction elsewhere in the United States, particularly in New York, Miami and Las Vegas, the tallest of the tall are going up in Chicago. Of the three tallest buildings under construction, two are here, according to Emporis, an independent research group that catalogues high rise construction around the world.

        Jun 23, 2006

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        The Sears Tower in Chicago's financial district is North America's tallest building at 1,451 feet (442 meters). The boxy, black tower opened in 1974 and was the world's tallest building until 1998, when it was surpassed by the 1,483-foot Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, according to Emporis GmbH, a Darmstadt, Germany-based compiler of skyscraper data.

        Jun 20, 2006


        Taiwan's Taipei 101, at 1,671 feet, is currently the world's tallest building, according to Emporis Buildings, which measures only the structural height and does not include TV towers, masts and other structures placed atop a skyscraper. Emporis is an international database of building information.

        Jun 18, 2006

        The New Nation

        The study said in the 1980s, Dhaka had a handful of buildings over ten-storey high, accommodating high-profile banks and government departments. The Emporis Buildings database now lists 153 high-rises, most of which are combined commercial and residential premises.

        Jun 14, 2006

        Gulf Times

        According to the Emporis Buildings property database, Istithmar paid $705mn for this building and bought a building on 450 Lexington Avenue for $600mn. The total real estate investments of Istithmar in New York City would be $2.8bn, according to Emporis.

        Jun 14, 2006

        Planet Wissen

        The Emporis Database lists all 261 skyscrapers in Frankfurt. This includes the individual topography, all technical data and many images of each building.

        Jun 13, 2006


        The total real estate investments of Istithmar in New York city would be 2.8 billion dollars, according to Emporis.

        Jun 12, 2006

        Richmond Times Dispatch

        Thats because someone always seems to be building a taller skyscraper, according to Emporis, a multinational real estate research company.

        Jun 12, 2006

        YaleGlobal Online

        According to Emporis.com, a site that tracks international data, Panama City has 121 completed high-rises, which it defines as buildings of 12 or more stories. More than 100 similar buildings are under construction, 21 are approved and 12 are proposed.

        Jun 01, 2006

        The Economist

        Sullivan, an architect, was enthusiastically observing Chicago at a time when steel-framed buildings clad in stone had reached greater heights than anything that had been built before. But he could have been talking about New York in the 1920s, Hong Kong in the 1980s, or one of the booming cities in Asia that, according to Emporis, a firm which tracks skyscrapers, now lead a boom in high-rise building undaunted by the attack on the World Trade Centre in 2001. Roughly 8% of the world's stock of tall buildings is currently under construction, according to Emporis. About 40% of the world's 200 tallest buildings have been completed since 2000.

        May 26, 2006

        Indianapolis Star

        But Indianapolis, despite its livability and charm, has few signature buildings. It has yet to make the Emporis list of the worlds 100 most impressive skylines, although considerably smaller U.S. cities are on it.

        May 26, 2006

        International Herald Tribune

        According to Emporis.com, a site that tracks international data, Panama City has 121 completed high-rises, which it defines as buildings of 12 or more stories. More than 100 similar buildings are under construction, 21 are approved and 12 are proposed.

        May 26, 2006

        Die Welt

        The tallest building of Scandinavia, the residential tower "Turning Torso" in Malm?, was chosen as "best skyscraper of the Year 2005". The recognition is presented on an anual basis by the Emporis company, a provider of real estate information.

        May 16, 2006

        Wall Street Journal

        Now the country's resurgence is visible everywhere, including Tokyo's glittering skyline. More than 160 high-rise buildings with 12 floors or more are under construction across Tokyo, according to Emporis, a German company that collects data on buildings.

        May 16, 2006

        Building Design+Construction

        The Swedish Skyscraper "Turning Torso," designed by Santiago Calatrava, has been chosen the best new skyscraper for 2005 by the editors of Emporis, a real estate data provider.

        Apr 28, 2006

        Financial Times Deutschland

        On May 1 the Empire State Building turns 75. It has been the world's tallest building for a long period of time - like a number of other extravagant skyscrapers which are no landmarks anymore in Manhattans skyline. The ranking of the world's tallest buildings comes from Emporis.

        Apr 24, 2006

        Los Angeles Times

        The City House would be the nation's tallest residential building outside New York and Chicago, according to real estate data provider Emporis.

        Apr 22, 2006

        Detroit Free Press

        If you are wondering about our Ren Cen, it is not even in the Top 200, according to Emporis.com, a site that keeps track of skyscrapers. But, at 727 feet, it is No. 7 in the list of tallest hotels.

        Apr 13, 2006


        Det tomme skjellet ruver over byen uten vinduer eller annet inventar. If?lge Emporis er betongen hotellet er bygget i, s? svak, at det ikke kan bli ferdigstilt som det st?r i dag

        Mar 22, 2006

        New York Observer

        The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat in Chicago, with Emporis, released a survey of the ten tallest newcomers of 2005. Only one is in the United States: Cesar Pelli and Associates' Bloomberg Tower in Manhattan.

        Mar 01, 2006

        Minneapolis Star Tribune

        The tallest building in South Dakota is Qwest Tower in Sioux Falls with 195 feet, according to Emporis.

        Feb 28, 2006

        The New York Sun

        That would seem to be confirmed by the usually accurate Emporis Web site, according to which it too will be 20 stories high.

        Feb 27, 2006

        The Daily Northwestern

        At 25 stories, Sherman Plaza is poised to be one of the tallest buildings in Evanston, just five and a half inches shorter than the Chase Building on Davis Street and Orrington Avenue, according to real estate Web site Emporis. It is the third of Evanston’s major recent construction projects

        Feb 15, 2006

        The City Paper

        Two columns ago, I noted that real estate database Emporis.com lists Nashville as having 101 buildings of 10 stories and/or 100 feet or more. Southeastern peer cities Birmingham, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Louisville and Memphis seemingly have far fewer, Emporis notes. Last week, I had a pleasant chant with Marshall Gerometta, Emporis senior editor and a founding member of the service. Gerometta said the industry standard for defining a high-rise building is a minimum of 12 stories and/or 35 meters (115 feet).

        Feb 07, 2006

        Atlanta Journal Constitution

        Portman's Atlanta-based company, Portman Holdings, has signed an agreement with South Korean officials to build a 1,500-acre, $11 billion residential, office and hotel complex about 20 miles from Seoul. The project's centerpiece, Incheon Tower, would be a 151-story, 2,000-foot skyscraper to rival the world's tallest structures. The tallest building in the world is Taiwan's Taipei 101 building, which is 1,671 feet tall, according to Emporis, a real estate research firm. It was built in 2004.

        Feb 07, 2006


        According to Emporis, a firm that tracks the global building market, the world's tallest today is the Taipei 101 tower, opened in 2004 at 1,671 feet and 101 stories. The Burj Dubai, under construction in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, is planned to be 2,313 feet and have 160 floors, according to Emporis. It is due to open in 2008, according to the service. Towers more than 2,000 feet tall reportedly have also been proposed for Katangi, India, and Moscow. The Freedom Tower, the replacement for the World Trade Center in New York, is to be 1,776 feet, according to current plans, which would make it the tallest U.S. building, passing the 1,441-foot Sears Tower in Chicago, currently the world's fourth-largest structure, according to Emporis.

        Jan 13, 2006

        Iowa State Daily

        Several buildings in Campustown stand taller than the ordinance would allow. These buildings include the recently-built 131-foot-tall Legacy Tower, 119 Stanton Ave., and the 130-foot-tall Cyclone Plaza, 200 Stanton Ave., according to Emporis, a real estate database.

        Jan 12, 2006


        There is plenty of debate about what makes one building taller than another--should spires be counted or only occupied floors, for example? We used the rankings from Emporis, a real estate information company based in Darmstadt, Germany.