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        Enhanced statistical information helps users to find and track real estate developments and to understand the needs of the market. The information provided through these statistics is updated daily. When new information is entered into the database, it is instantly available for your analysis. The statistics are powerful tools for researching specific cities. They give you a clear and useful overview of development situations within individual construction markets.
        tallest buildings image

        Tallest Buildings

        View the official ranking and history of the world's tallest buildings as well as the tallest buildings in a country or continent.

        new highrises image

        New High-Rises

        View the official ranking of the cities with the most construction images and activity and the buildings with the longest construction time.

        most expensive buildings image

        Most Expensive Buildings

        View the official ranking of the most costly buildings constructed in the world or on each continent as well as the most costly hotels.

        most scyscrapers image

        Most Skyscrapers

        View the top 100 cities with the best skylines in the world as well as the cities and continents with the most skyscrapers.